101 Ways to Succeed in Selling

By Greg Gore

Copyright © 2001 by Praxis International, Inc., All rights reserved.
32 pages, ISBN 0-9639231-2-9, $4.80

“Everyone lives by selling something.” —Robert Louis Stevenson


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About the Book
One common denominator of successful people is that they know how to sell themselves. In this brief, to-the-point book, you’ll learn 101 ways to be successful in selling yourself, a product, service, or an idea. The ideas, methods and techniques presented are so easy to apply you can start using them today. And, they’re so effective you’ll want to continue to use them for a lifetime. 101 Ways to Succeed in Selling is small enough to keep in your briefcase or on your desk. Review the ideas often and apply them at every opportunity. Remember, the ideas will only work when you apply them.

About the Author
In a sales career spanning more than thirty years and fifteen thousand sales calls, Greg Gore has sold a wide range of products and services. After being successful selling household products door-to-door as a college student, he decided to make sales his career. He went on to sell textbooks, technical seminars, and software programming for advanced weapons systems. Along the way, he was national training director for a direct selling company where he trained thousands of sales representatives. Greg Gore has written this book with the hope that others will be able to benefit from the lessons he learned during his career as a sales representative, sales manager, and sales trainer. In short, in 101 Ways to Succeed in Selling, Greg Gore gives you the best of thirty years of sales experience distilled into a small gem of a book.

Praise for 101 Ways to Succeed in Selling:

“It’s great! I love #79—I’m going crazy thinking about how many times I could have used that one.”
      —Don Freda III, Vice President, FamilyRealm.com

“A ‘must have’ as a basic need for every salesperson’s toolbox.”
     —Marysue Lucci, President,
Marastar Communications, Inc.

“Full of helpful hints and strategies for selling that are appropriate in all aspects of my job. It will become a great handbook that I will refer to often.”
     —Pat Savino, Firstrust Bank

“A tremendous, easy-to-use resource for both the neophyte and the experienced salesperson. It will help you develop a sense of what works for you, in your field, and with your customers and prospects.”
     —Richard Griste, (Retired) Sales Manager and Sales Trainer, the DuPont Company

“We master the product knowledge and technical specifics of our profession long before we master the basic sales skills. Your book helped remind my sales staff and me of simple but effective basics.”
     —Lloyd B. Roach, President/Owner,
WCOJ Radio Company, Inc.