Through My Library

By Raymond M. Smullyan

Copyright © 2009 by Raymond M. Smullyan
All rights reserved.
176 pages (includes 22 illustrations, bibliography, and index) ISBN 0963923161, Softcover, $14.95

“My library contains oodles of gems—many little known—that will surely interest those of you who like the things I like.”    

Raymond M. Smullyan


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Prefatory Ramble   5

Part One: General Rambles

     Anecdotes and Tidbits      12
Mad Folk of the Theatre      21
The Princes of English Literature 37
Teaching Literature, Literary Values,

            and Style     64
Book Publishing, Bookselling and Book

            Collecting  77             
Literary Forgeries, Swindles,

            Counterswindles, and Magic   109           

Part Two: Leisure, Idleness, and Quietude

     Personal Observations and Views     122

     Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth

            Century Western Views      129
Ancient Greek and Roman Views   146     
Chinese Views  150                                                       

Bibliography   168


Index   170

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