Reflections on the Philosophy of Religion, A Transcendental Journey, and Cosmic Consciousness Redux

By Raymond M. Smullyan

Copyright © 2009 by Raymond M. Smullyan
All rights reserved.
226 pages, ISBN 096392317X, Softcover, $14.95

The spiritual journey of one of the world's foremost philosophers, mathematicians, and thinkers.


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Iíve always hated that phrase intenselyóitís so ugly! It wouldnít sound so bad to say that God no longer exists, or that God is transformed into other things (such as the collection of all conscious creatures), or that God is asleep, or that God has gone elsewhere. I think ďdeathĒ should be applied only to biological organisms.

A friend of mine (a mathematician) told me that he once had the fantasy that God split up and became the universe.

Now, hereís an idea: Isnít it possible that God is a pulsating Godóa God who cyclically comes and goes out of existence? Maybe He doesnít exist now (which possibly explains why the universe might now seem devoid of a God), but that doesnít mean that God hasnít existed in the past and wonít exist again in the future!

Or then again, it may be that God has never existed in the past, but might exist only in the future. Isnít it possible that the collective consciousness of the universe is gradually evolving into a future God? A future God who will have the power of retroactively causing the universe to have been created in the past?

A wild idea? 


Speaking of wild ideas, I once thought up the following: Why isnít it possible that after my death, instead of reincarnating into the body of someone in the future (as is generally assumed) I might reincarnate into someone of the past? I donít see why it is logically necessary that a personís subjective time frame must parallel the objective time frame of the physical universe. So (who knows?) instead of my being the reincarnation of dear old Laotse (which I have often fantasized), maybe Laotse was the reincarnation of me!

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