Reflections on the Philosophy of Religion, A Transcendental Journey, and Cosmic Consciousness Redux

By Raymond M. Smullyan

Copyright © 2009 by Raymond M. Smullyan
All rights reserved.
226 pages, ISBN 096392317X, Softcover, $14.95

The spiritual journey of one of the world's foremost philosophers, mathematicians, and thinkers.


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Preface 6

Part I: Reflections on the Philosophy of
     Religion 9

A Dialogue with God 10
John Burroughs on Immortality 11
John Burroughs on Religion 14
On Proving the Existence or Non-Existence
     of God 18
Why Do People Believe in God? 19
Wishing and Believing 23
God is Dead? 24
Miracles 25
More on Miracles 25
Born Evil? 26
The Fall of Man 22
A Thought on Free Will and Determinism 28
Another Question of Free Will 29
Some Thoughts on Existentialism 30
Tragic? 32
Kierkegaard's Philosophy in a Nutshell 32
On a Passage in Kierkegaard 33
Two Other Passages of Kierkegaard 35
On a Passage of Walter Kaufman 36
Egotism and the Desire for Immortality 38
The Great War is Coming? 40
A Passage of Theodore Dreiser 42
An Absent-Minded Philosopher 44
Of Philosophers and Pigs 44
A Brief Conversation on Belief in God 45
The Fire God 46
A Thought on Reincarnation 46
Feeling and Belief 46
The Word "Better" 47
Goodness, Beauty, and Truth 47
Unamuno's Reason 47
Animal and Human Immortality 48
A Few Reminiscences 48
Wouldn't It Be Funny If- 51
Oh, That's Different, Is It? 54
Some Theological Illogicalities 55
A Couple of Queries 58
Why is This? 59
Speaking of Whitman 60
Consistency 60
Rationality and Rationaliztion 61
A Thought on Irrationality 63
Ways Out 64
It's Really Endless! 65
Some Thoughts on Sublimation 68
A Radical Extension of Pragmatism 70
A Thought Experiment 71
James and Meyers 73
More on Immortality 73

Part II: A Transcendental Journey 79
The Transcendentalism of Ralph Waldo
     Emerson 80
Emerson in Relation to the Other
     Transcendalists 128
          Henry David Thoreau 128
          Bronson Alcott 134
About Transcendentalism and
     Transcendentalists 143

Part III Cosmic Consciousness Redux 163
Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke's Cosmic
     Consciousness 164
What is Cosmic Consciousness? 166
Experiencing Cosmic Consciousness 171
Is Cosmic Consciousness a Form of Insanity?
Does Religion Rest on Delusions? 175
On the Validity of Mystical Experiences 178
Case Studies in Cosmic Consciousness 180
     William Shakespeare 180
     Saint Paul 183
     Havelock Ellis 186
     Walt Whitman 189
     Edward Carpenter 193
     Plotinus 200
     William Blake 203
     Dante 206
     Honoré de Balzac 207
     George Sand 210
     William Wordsworth 212
     Alfred Lord Tennyson 212
Cosmic Consciousness and Mysticism 214
Cosmic Consciousness and
     Transcendentalism 219


Bibliography 223

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