A Preacher's POEMS

By Mike Young

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140 pages, ISBN 0-9639231-5-3, Softcover, $12.95

A Preacher's Poems is a spiritual knock-out delivered as a rare combination of profound wisdom and lyric beauty.


Book review:
"First Unitarian Church's minister imparts wisdom of faith with poetry..."

by Mary Adamski, the View from the Pew features columnist at the Honolulu Star Bulletin. (Read the complete review on the starbulletin.com website.)

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About the Book

From the Preface…Created over a period of 40 years, these poems were written for or have been used in church services. They are celebrative, but also preachy. Hence, “A Preacher’s Poems.”

I quoted from one (My Father Wept) at a ministers’ conference once, only to have a colleague join me in duet.

“Where did you learn that?” he asked.

“I wrote it,” I said. “25 years ago.”

He pulled out his wallet and showed me a tattered copy of the poem, clipped from a church newsletter. He said, “I’ve been carrying it almost that long.”

Here you will find this preacher’s poems; but also meditations, marriage, memorial service and other liturgical pieces, as well parts of three sermons. These latter are included because I keep getting asked for copies and also because this is the form in which “a preacher’s poems” often occur.

About the Author

Mike Young has been the minister of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu since 1995. Rev. Young is a graduate of the University of Redlands and of Andover Newton Theological School. A minister since 1965, Rev. Young has been very active in the communities he has served and has received numerous awards and honors for his service.


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