A Preacher's

By Mike Young

Copyright 2009 by Mike Young
All rights reserved.
140 pages, ISBN 0-9639231-5-3, Softcover, $12.95

A Preacher's Poems is a spiritual knock-out delivered as a rare combination of profound wisdom and lyric beauty.


Book review:
"First Unitarian Church's minister imparts wisdom of faith with poetry..."

by Mary Adamski, the View from the Pew features columnist at the Honolulu Star Bulletin. (Read the complete review on the starbulletin.com website.)

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Come, Sing to Me of Truth

Come, sing to me of truth!
My life is cluttered up with pieces
Chosen for their smooth edged fit
With my existing prejudice.
Sing to me of truths
That sting the mind awake to wonder.
I walk neat furrows, like a draft horse
Broken to the plow, answer to the reins,
And accept the fodder of grey habit.
Sing to me a song of stretching,
for I shrivel, wrinkling and slack
With words that pass for truth
But only coddle my convenience.
Sing to me the gift of truth
That steals from me the tired wish
For wrapped and packaged days.
Sing to me of truth
And I will sing to you of awe.
In our duet perhaps we'll find
The courage and the wit
To turn our lyrics into life
And life to song.

A Bud is Perfect

A bud is perfect. A flower is perfect.
A seed pod, after the petals have fallen,
Is perfect. Each seed cast abroad
To find its own way is perfect.
Each is different and yet one;
Giving forth all it has to give,
Being all that it is given to be.
They who cannot see that these are perfect,
And are not different from every child
Born of man and woman,
Has not yet seen enough.

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