A Preacher's

By Mike Young

Copyright 2009 by Mike Young
All rights reserved.
140 pages, ISBN 0-9639231-5-3, Softcover, $12.95

A Preacher's Poems is a spiritual knock-out delivered as a rare combination of profound wisdom and lyric beauty.


Book review:
"First Unitarian Church's minister imparts wisdom of faith with poetry..."

by Mary Adamski, the View from the Pew features columnist at the Honolulu Star Bulletin. (Read the complete review on the starbulletin.com website.)

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Preface    7

Come, Sing to Me of Truth    10
A Bud is Perfect    11
A Circle of Giving    12
Basic Principle    13
Becoming Conscious    15
Behold, My Soul    20
By the Pond at Eureka Springs    21
Decision    24
Enter the Dance of Life    26
Every Time We Try    27
Execution    29
The Flesh of the Gods    33
Friends, and Enemies (half a dialogue)    35
From the First Question Asked    37
From the Moment    38
Hymn to Fire    39
Hymn to the Goddess    40
I Am!    43
I was Raised to Believe    45
I'm Not a Stranger Here    49
Indra's Net    50
Invoking the Center    51
Kindling the Flame    53
Let Go!    54
Man and Woman    55
More To Life
   (Alternate lyric for Bach's Jesu, meines Herzens Freud)     56
My Father Wept    57
Nothing That Is Fixed Forever    58
The Nude on the Grass Dancing    59
Open Your Ears    61
Rainbows and Waterfalls    62
Something Erupts As Flesh    66
Sons and Daughters    68
Spirit, Pneuma, Ruach, Breath    69
The Hall of Mirrors    70
The Meaning of Meaning    72
The Primary Purpose of Mind    73
The Universe Is One    75
The Way    77
There Is    79
To My Father    81
Transformations    82
Water Slide    83
What Is Religion About?    84
What Is Wisdom?    86
Who?    87
Where Did It Begin    88
Who Am I?    91
Why Must I Die?    93
Will You Not Stand Naked    95
You Have Been Told    97

Arrival Meditation    100
Morning Meditation Vision    102
One-point Meditation    105

Bread and Water Communion    110
Inter-Faith Call to Gather    113
The Original Eden    115
Whatever Future is Hidden    117
You Are Married    118

I Am Some Body!    120
The Human Touch Who Needs It    126


The Prophesy    132
Calling the Gods Back to Life    134
The Real Miracles    138

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